Former Ilsley Librarian Recieves Ellen McCulloch-Lovell Award in Arts Education

October 17th, 2019

Joan Robinson, a former Ilsley Public Library staff member, will be recognized by the Vermont Arts Council on October 23 at the Mahaney Center. Congratulations, Joan!

Joan has worked as a teacher, storyteller, actor, cartoonist, librarian, playwright, and—for more than twenty years—adjunct faculty in St. Michael’s Graduate Education Program. As the first education director, then school programs director at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, she initiated the organization’s year-round performing arts classes, created “Words Come Alive!” and helped found the Integrated Arts Academy (IAA). She later served as drama coach at IAA. Additional career highlights include creating Ilsley’s Haunted Library, touring Vermont as Ms. Frizzle, and co-writing the play Bigger Than All of Us. Joan continues working happily as a Flynn teaching artist.