Opinion: Books on Sticks benefit us all

Addison Independent

March 10, 2022

by Julie Berg

Throughout the seasons, I often look out my kitchen window and see neighbors wandering up Harrow Way as they read the most recent children’s book on wooden stakes. With my house on a little hill at the top of the street, I have a special perch that provides me with a view of these Books on Sticks from Ilsley Public Library. I’m a reading teacher at Mary Hogan School, which causes me to pause and take notice when a mom and small child (along with their leashed dog) take the time to study the illustrations, read aloud, maybe even laugh or have an extended conversation about the story.

Educational research supports the importance of reading aloud to our children: Children learn the rhythm, variety of words, and beauty of our language through hearing stories. Reading aloud also increases grammar, vocabulary, story sense and listening skills, and encourages a child’s imagination and curiosity. Reading aloud has a powerful impact on our children, and Books on Sticks is an engaging way to allow this to happen.

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