Outside Pickup Service

Outside Pickup Service allows patrons to access the library’s physical collection while the library building remains closed to the public. Patrons request materials by placing holds and then pick up materials  in the library garden. Due to decreased in-library staff capacity, we kindly ask that you only use this service once every week, and request no more than ten items at a time

How do I request materials? 

  1. Request: Place items on hold using our online catalog. You’ll need your library card number and your pin number. If you don’t have this, please get in contact with us. If you need instruction on how to place a hold, you may read these instructions or watch this video.
  2. Wait: A librarian will gather your materials and check them out to you. This might take a day or two! When the materials are paged, you will get a notification by email (if you do not have email, we will call you) letting you know your materials will be available for pickup beginning the next pickup day.
  3. Pickup: Hours for pickup are 11 am -1 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. When you arrive, follow signs to enter the library garden. Paper bags with materials will be waiting on a table in the garden; find the one with your last name and exit the garden promptly. Safety tips for pickup:
    • Masks are required during pickup.
    • Observe social distancing. If another individual or family is already in the garden, please wait by the entrance until they leave.
    • Move through quickly. The garden is not open for socializing, reading, or wifi during the pickup hours.
  1. Return: Return your materials to the book drop by the side-entrance. This book drop will be open 24/7 while the building is closed. 


What if I can’t figure out how to place a hold using KOHA? 

You can request materials for Outside Pickup Service by emailing info@ilsleypubliclibrary or leaving a voicemail at (802) 388-4095  and include your name, phone number, and the titles you would like to request. Please note, requesting materials this way will result in a longer wait.

How long are loan periods during Outside Pickup Service?

All materials are currently being loaned out for a period of three weeks. However, if you finish earlier, we encourage you to return the materials, especially if they are new. Please note: the three week period starts when the materials are gathered and checked out to you, not when you actually pick them up at the library.

What steps are you taking to limit the spread of COVID-19 while operating Outside Pickup Service?

  1. Returned materials are isolated for a period of seven days before being loaned out again.
  2. Outside Pickup Service is contactless: a librarian will be present in the garden to facilitate pickups, but will be wearing a mask and staying at least six feet away from patrons.
  3. Outdoor Pickup Service is taking place outside, in an area with lots of fresh air and room for social distancing.

What if it rains on my pickup day?

If it is a light rain, we have a tent. If it is a deluge, we will postpone. If the weather looks iffy, please check our website before coming to pick up your materials. 

What if I can’t make it to the next day’s pickup?

We will hold materials for seven days before being checked back into the collection.

What about fines?

Because we want service to be contactless, we aren’t collecting fines. We are waiving any fines accrued during the Outside Pickup Service. If you have fines in excess of $5.00 and cannot place a hold online, please reach out to us.

If I forgot to request a book, can I ask the librarian in the garden at Outside Pickup to quickly go grab it for me?

No. Unfortunately, it takes time to process all these requests and we have a workflow in place to ensure equitable access to the collection, as well as the health and safety of library staff. The librarian in the garden cannot page materials on demand.

I returned my materials three days ago–why are they still showing up on my account?

All materials are isolated for a period of seven days for staff and patron safety. During this isolation period, the materials stay on your account. Don’t panic if your account shows an item overdue: it will be removed from your account after seven days, and any fines or fees accrued will be waived.