Click here to view the entries for Challenge #1

  • Challenge #1 -The Beauty of Nature – submissions due 9/14 – 10/24
        • Submit an image  of your interpretation of the beauty of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.
  • Challenge  #2 – Our Town – submissions due 11/2 –  12/17
        • What does Middlebury mean to you and how do you feel about our community?  Submit an image that represents that feeling.  For this challenge we are accepting manipulated images.
  • Challenge #3 – We Are Family – submissions due 1/4/21 –  2/14/21
      • What is a family?  How does family make you feel?   Submit an image that represents your idea of family.
  • Categories 
    • Adult, 19 and over
    • Youth, 18 and under  
  • Rules:
    • One entry per session per person
    • Amateurs only
    • Original work
    • Manipulated images only for Our Town, challenge #2
    • Captured images for #1 and #3
  • Photo Judges
    • Trent Campbell, Photographer for Addison Independent for 20 years.
    • Jason Duquette-Hoffman, accomplished local photographer
    • Cyndi Palmer, professional photographer

2 Adult winners from each Challenge will be chosen.
2 Youth winners from each Challenge will be chosen.
All 12 winning entries will been included in an IPL lobby exhibit for the month of March 2010 and virtual art gallery.
All winners will get to keep the enlarged and mounted print of their winning photo after it has been included in a lobby exhibit and virtual art gallery.