Author Talk

Ashley Wolff
“An Artist’s Inheritance: What I’ve learned, so far”
Tuesday, October 16 at 7 p.m.

Ashley Wolff, daughter and granddaughter of artists, reflects on what she has inherited, what she has done with it and what she hopes she is passing on. Ashley’s books will be available for sale at the event. Presented by the Middlebury Chapter of the AAUW. READ MORE

Author Talk: Judy Chaves

Secrets of Mount Philo: A Guide to the History of Vermont’s First State Park
Friday, October 19 at noon
Judy Chaves

The landscape history of Mt. Philo, Vermont’s first state park, is the landscape history of Vermont, in miniature. “Sheep fever,” the devastating deforestation of the mid-1800s, Vermont’s early tourism industry, the early conservation and park movements, reforestation… it’s all there on the mountain, if you know where to look. North Ferrisburgh resident (and long-time Mt. Philo hiker), Judy Chaves, has spent 8 years researching the mountain’s history and has recently written a guidebook to the park’s historic sites. Join her on a “virtual” tour of the mountain and discover, through then-and-now photos, old maps, and even a bit of poetry, what historic gems lie hidden — within plain sight — in the park. Signed copies of the guidebook will be available for purchase.

Northern Forest Canoe Trail

Northern Forest Canoe Trail: the “Wrong” Way
A presentation by Peter Macfarlane
Tuesday, October 9 at 7 p.m.
In the spring of 2013, Peter Macfarlane through-paddled the Northern Forest Canoe Trail from the
Adirondacks to northern Maine, a distance of some 750 miles in 28 days in a cedar-strip canoe that he
designed and built. His presentation at the Ilsley Library regarding this trip was recorded for MCTV.
This spring he ventured out on the Trail for another through-paddle, but this time took on more of a
challenge by paddling from Maine to the Adirondacks. He faced nine major upstream rivers and only
four downstream, not to mention prevailing headwinds, which were to be a significant player in this
trek. On the 10th of June he paddled into Old Forge to become the first recorded person to through-paddle the Trail from east to west. In this presentation he takes the audience on a trip through his planning, and then the roller coaster ride of overcoming challenges, joyful paddling, loss, exhaustion, despair, and some sublime moments, all illustrated with photos and snippets of video. READ MORE

First Wednesday Talk

Creativity and Historical Truths
Wednesday, October 3 at 7 p.m.

Despite the essential role of print and photojournalism in ferreting out facts and informing the public about significant events, Dartmouth professor Irene Kacandes argues that it is often memoir, fiction, music, and art which best convey the truth and leave indelible impressions. READ MORE

Stream films for free

Kanopy – Over 30,000 films entirely free with a library card.

The popular on-demand film streaming service Kanopy is now available for free for Ilsley Public Library cardholders. Library card holders can access Kanopy and sign up to start streaming films  by visiting Films can be streamed from any computer, television, mobile device or platform by downloading the Kanopy app for iOS, Android, AppleTV, Chromecast or Roku.

Offering what the New York Times calls “a garden of cinematic delights,” Kanopy showcases more than 30,000 of the world’s best films, including award-winning documentaries, rare and hard-to-find titles, film festival favorites, indie and classic films, and world cinema with collections from Kino Lorber, Music Box Films, Samuel Goldwyn, The Orchard, The Great Courses, PBS and thousands of independent filmmakers. You can learn how to set up an account with canopy here. READ MORE

Middlebury Community Classic Film Club

Film Screening: Amistad
Thursday, September 27th at 6 pm

Our fall 2018 theme is immigration and migration, and the first film offers Hollywood’s take on  the Amistad trial, the true story of the struggle for freedom in pre-civil war America.  The following films will also be shown this fall:  The Emigants (10/25), El Norte (11/29), and West Side Story (12/20).  Coffee and cookies will be served. READ MORE