eBooks & Audiobooks

GMLC, Listen Up Vermont, Overdrive, and Libby

We've got one digital collection, but it's know by many names. Here's a primer on what these terms mean. GMLC  is the Green Mountain Library Consortium, which is the network of Vermont libraries that pool money to pay for our digital collection as well as other library resources. Listen Up Vermont is the name that GMLC gave to our shared digital collection when it only contained digital audiobooks. Overdrive is the vendor that has hosted our digital collection and creates apps such Libby for finding, listening to, and reading materials in the collection.

Accessing the Digital Collection

On our library catalog

You can now search and check out digital materials directly from our library catalog. Look for materials labeled ebook and eaudiobook, then click on the check out from Overdrive/Libby button.

On the GMLC-Overdrive Website

This is the original way of borrowing materials. To access the collection, click the blue button below, choose Ilsley Library from the “Sign In” screen, and enter your library card number (from the back of your library card) and your library password. You may now browse the collection of eBooks and audiobooks, check out up to three titles at one time, or reserve titles if they are already checked out.

On Libby

The Libby app is the ideal way to borrow, read, and listen to digital materials on your phone.

(1) Download the Libby app

(2) Find your Library

(3) Enter your library card number and your library password

(4) Borrow a title and start reading

Watch this video to get started with Libby on your phone:

On a Kindle

You can borrow and send ebooks to your Kindle from Libby. Learn how to here.

You can also borrow and send ebooks to your Kindle from the GMLC-Overdrive website.