Vision and Mission Statements


We envision a welcoming and vibrant community that inspires individuals to pursue their passions, discover new ideas, connect with others, and engage with civic life.


The Ilsley Public Library system enriches lives and builds community connections by providing engaging and accessible programs, services, resources, and spaces that meet evolving community needs. Library staff invite everyone in to learn, create, and collaborate. The library is a safe and friendly environment where everyone belongs.

Vision and mission adopted September 12, 2022.

Bridge Plan

In the spring of 2022, the Ilsley Public Library Board adopted a new vision and mission statement. The board had planned on drafting a strategic plan as a next step, but a careful review of best practices in strategic planning revealed that the libraries undertaking significant renovation/expansion projects are not in a good position to undertake such a robust process.

Instead, the board decided to develop a bridge plan, a short-term strategic plan that “bridges” the gap between strategic plan cycles. The intent of this plan is to provide guidance and structure to the library staff during the Ilsley 100 Project, roughly anticipated to cover 2023-2027.

Bridge Plan adopted April 10, 2023.