Ilsley 100 Project Team

The Ilsley 100 Project Team is the group currently tasked with addressing the Ilsley Public Library's facility needs. The team's name references both the upcoming 100 year anniversary of the library's historic 1924 building, as well as the desire to design a building flexible enough to serve the community for the next century. The Project Team will build on the work done by the Library Building Committee (2014-2017) and the Renovation/Expansion Working Group (2021).


The Project Team is charged with guiding the development of design options to create a library building that will be a welcoming, accessible, and safe community hub with the flexibility and sustainability to enrich community members’ lives now and into the future. The Project Team will also coordinate funding strategies and community engagement efforts to bring the project to fruition. You can read the charge in its entirety here.



  • Amy Mincher, Library Trustee
  • Barbara Doyle-Wilch
  • Dan Brown, Selectboard
  • Farhah Khan, Selectboard
  • Jim Gish
  • Joe McVeigh, Library Trustee
  • Ken Perine


  • Dana Hart, Library Director
  • Judith Harris, Town Staff Project Team Liaison