Building the library of the future: Libraries can be good co-working spaces

Libraries can be good co-working spaces

By Dana Hart

Addison Independent

December 30, 2021

With the library reopened, many people have been asking me for status updates. “How are things going over there?” they’ll say. And then, the inevitable observation, “It must be quiet these days.” Well, yes and no. Libraries often reflect, directly and in real time, societal shifts. So while it is true that we aren’t having as many large and raucous gatherings in our Community Meeting Room, other library uses are skyrocketing. Today, I’m writing about an often overlooked use of the library: as a co-working space.

Many people are familiar with the co-working trend. Co-working companies offer spaces and amenities, such as wireless and wired internet, meeting rooms, printers, etc., that allow for productive individual and collaborative work. If you’re a fan of the library, you’ll know that Ilsley also offers all of these amenities, plus tech support, outlets and charging stations, and a sound baffled room that allows for video conferencing, podcasting, and studio grade audio recording. Read the rest of the article at the Addison Independent.