Sarah Partridge Branch Librarian Recognized at Annual VLA Conference

Every year at the annual conference, the Vermont Library Association honors librarians who have completed their certificate of librarianship. This year, Sarah Partridge Branch Librarian Laura Fetterolf completed the program and received recognition.


The Certificate of Public Librarianship is designed for individuals who are directing small Vermont public libraries and covers five core areas of librarianship: cataloging, reference, public library administration, collection development, and information technology. Completion of the program requiresattending 150 credits worth of workshops and courses within five years, no small feat.


“Completing this program requires enormous dedication and demonstrates a strong commitment to public librarianship,” notes library director Dana Hart. “Laura is passionate about libraries and brings tremendous energy and enthusiasm to her role as the Sarah Partridge branch librarian. The Sarah Partridge Branch Library, as well as the Ilsley Public Library, are strengthened by her professional development. This is a significant achievement, and we are very proud of Laura.”


Laura commented, “I really feel I’ve found my passion in life. I’m so proud of the hard work I put in for this program, and will continue to put in as a librarian. I’d like to thank the staff of the Vermont State Library for making the program possible, my colleagues at Ilsley for their support and inspiration, and of course, my family for their love and encouragement.”