Membership, Loan Periods, Fines


If you live or own property in the town of Middlebury, you can join the library by completing an application. Children through 6th grade must have a parent or guardian sign their application.

If you live outside Middlebury, you may borrow items by paying an annual fee:

  • Individual $25 / 6 mo. or $45 / year
  • Household $40 / 6 mo. or $70 / year
    (several persons at the same address.)

An assistance program to help persons who cannot afford this fee is provided by the Friends of the Library.

Children through 12th grade in the Addison Central Supervisory Union District receive free membership (Bridport, Cornwall, Ripton, Salisbury, Shoreham, and Weybridge). Children who attend school in Middlebury receive free membership (including Bridge School, Aurora School, St. Mary’s School, CCV, Early Education (EE) program at Mary Hogan, and Hannaford Career Center). Teachers – ask about our Teacher Pack service.

Ilsley library cards may be used at both Sarah Partridge Library in East Middlebury and at Ilsley.


Loan Periods & Fines

Most books circulate for three weeks, with one renewal allowed.  New books on the bestseller list circulate for two weeks with no renewal allowed.  Fines on books are $0.10 per day for adults and $.05 per day for children.

Most DVDs circulate for one week, with new DVDs (those with red circles on their spines, in the “new” section) circulating for three days.  Fines of DVDs are $1 per day.